Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beading it!!

When a new pattern appears on Ravelry with beads, I'm instantly attached!  This was a mystery--and yes, I so love mysteries!  We knew the end result would be fingerless gloves, but what would the pattern consist of? 
The pattern called for #6 beads, which thankful I had on hand! but, I couldn't find my beading hook (ok, it's just a very tiny crochet hook!) so what to use to put that bead on the stitch??  I tried dental floss--that was a disaster!  now, what?  I've spent so much time just looking for some way to put the bead on the stitch, I could have got in my car, driven to the knit shop and picked up another hook!  But, no!  I'm just looking for that perfect way to put that darn bead on the stitch!! 
Light bulb went off!

How about using threaded sewing needle?  that should work..............string the bead on the sewing needle, put needle through the stitch, but--you need to put the sewing needle back through the bead in order for the bead to slip onto the knitted stitch

and put the bead on the stitch--ah, it worked!  now knit the stitch to lock in the bead and move onto the next bead............................well, that's all and good until....................................the next stitch, you split the thread on the sewing needle--and you have double trouble! 
Okay, I give up!
I bought a small crochet hook set--which I'll keep with my knitting needles!  They will always be on hand for any beading project------we can only hope!

I can load more than one bead on the hook

and it slips through the knit stitch perfectly----without splitting the thread

Hurrah!  I can bead all day!

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