Sunday, September 21, 2014

Let's Fall into Autumn!

There just something about Autumn--
The blooms of Mums

What is it about those fall colors?

Are we just ready for some cooler weather?

Do we want to embrace the leaves of change?

My favorite time of Fall is roasting of Hatch chilies at our local nursery--there is just something about
the popping sound of chilies roasting.  And then there is the smell!! Ahhh, fresh roasted chilies--
The leaves of change--such colors of nature!

Then there are the fruits of fall

apples of every taste

I love the chance to place my old weathered wagon at the backdoor--a view that is noticed every time I walk through the door

and at the front door, there is the basket of fall flowers--
I hope you like fall as much as I do!

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