Sunday, June 2, 2013

Anyone Want to Inkle??

There are various ways to weave--and inkle loom is one that is used for making bands, hence inkle means "ribbon" or "tape".
Inkle loom weaving is a nice video (with great music accompaniment).  Our local weaver's group has members who are interested in learning this technique.  The more we learn, the more we incorporate into our weaving skills.

Leigh (in green, standing) is giving some instruction to Joan with Marian looking on.  Gretchen is warping her inkle in the foreground.

Gretchen winds her warp--over this peg, under this peg "oh, did I do that right?"

Gerry is counting her warp for that first pick-up

Leigh is working her directions with experimention--Leigh is a 'master' at inkle!

A look at Leigh's work

This little loom has heddles but can still be used as an inkle

Samples to inspire!  Inkle on gals!! 

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