Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quilt Studio

Even if you are not a quilter, you will find that Spun exhibit at the Denver Art Museum will hold something of interest for you. As you enter the front doors of the Hamilton Building, you will see this off to the left of the entrance.
Here you can explore the world of contemporary quilting.  On weekends there are demonstrations by local artists.  Here you can try your hand at assorted quilting techniques.

The front windows hosts a display of two quilts.

There is a hands-on area for you to create your crazy quilt block.

Cruise by several other quilting techniques that are displayed on the board

Several stitching techniques are also on display

How about some hands on quilting?

And need a hint as to the supplies required for quilting?

And who doesn't love buttons?

Friend Judy uses the magnetic board to design her own unique quilt block.

Here on this table is an example of a  top waiting for quilting stitches to bind it into a finished quilt 

Want to practice quilting stitches?  Here's your chance..............Hands down this is an excellent way to see quilting and experience quilting up close.

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