Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here Little Fishy!

Another fun quilt top to make for Binky Patrol is this one, again from designer Sindy at Fat Cat Patterns
I tried to find the funkiest fabrics I could to make these sea creatures

The water fabric was a batik that I found at Fabrics where with $35 purchase, there is no shipping fee and we can't find $35 worth of fabric?!

this is the first fish in the collection and I made him before I had the background so he doesn't quite stand out like I would want him too, but not all fish are noticeable in the ocean

He's just a plain old run of the mill flounder fish in my book!

Ahhh, a kissing fish! 


  1. These are so fun. Love the fabrics!

    1. I really like using funky fabrics for these fish--so much fun to make!