Thursday, June 13, 2013

They're Everywhere!

Yes, you can find talented quilters anywhere and everywhere you travel!  And the best part of the quilting world--they are warm, friendly and giving.  Of course, I feel that way with any person who works with fiber. 
Any time you can gather with fellow quilters, you will see completed quilt tops.  Pat had this Bonnie Hunter finished top to show off--great work!
And this one from knitter friend Judy (so glad she has come over to this side of the fiber world!)EZ Street is the title, but to me--this was not an EZ top to piece!
And Judy's color choices are super duper!  She said she used paint chips to decide on color
And look at the back!! outstanding!  she has given it an additional look
"Christmas Pickle" by Marsha--just WOW!  She said she wanted a real pickle look
The back is so neatly done--seams pressed flat--such a good quilter!
Marsha is now working on this top--all it takes is two different blocks--2" squares in 16 patch block and 2" strips that are snowballed
With this setting you get star pointers
Now add the color of your center star and you have a complete 22" block--this is going to be one outstanding quilt
Across the table from me, Cheryl had her plaid strips ready for sewing
And sew it goes...............strip after strip
Now with all these HSTs (some put into sets of 8--needing 36 sets) how do you keep track?
Judy has found a clever way to keep track of her HSTs--she bought this storage container at the Container Store and she is so good about labeling........
Another Pat in the class is working on trees--The tree part is paper pieced but look at all those 1.5" squares!  She has lots of patience to work with all those tiny pieces.
This was my first time to be with these gals, but it won't be my last.............they are a great bunch of new quilter friends!

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