Sunday, June 23, 2013

Denver Satellite Reef From Spun Exhibit

This week was our chance to visit Denver Art Museum and right away I was fascinated by the Denver Satellite Reef exhibit that was located throughout the museum.  As my friend, Judy P and I roamed we found these wonderful displays of crocheted reefs.   This installation combines math, marine biology, hyperbolic crochet techniques and community participation.
"The Bleached Bone Reef" is from the Institute For Figuring Crochet coral Reef project.
The bleached bone reef are pieces created by workers at the Handcc Crochet Factory in Shantou, China

Other pieces like the ruble corals, red and white anemone trees, tube worms and mudibranchs were designed and created by artists from California, Texas, Australia

Other artists from New York, Washington state, Ireland gave us delicate sea urchin and Irish lace designs

Visitors are encouraged to crochet their own reef creations to add to the Denver Satellite

You can just imagine these anchored to the sea floor with colorful fish swimming and hiding in the landscape

Crochet coral reef and satellite reefs have been constructed in 25 cities world wide.  This project seeks to engage people from all walks of life.

The Institute For Figuring has worked since 2006 with communities around the world to create these local reefs

Above one display these sea creatures are floating

Pod World No. 1--Blue Corral Landscape features Noro yarn pile, stag horn coral, pearled kelp, blue tree, coral head

Then there is the Pod World No. 2--Southwest Vista

I really enjoyed this crawling coral and admire the skilled hands it took to create

There are more coral reefs to view at the DAM--all wonderful and fascinating!  And not only can you view these creations, you will also take in textiles galore..................more later on other fabulous exhibits!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE these creative reefs! What a tremendous use of color and shape. Beautiful!