Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make A Mistake with Paper Piecing?!!

Oh, you betta! you can make a mistake with paper piecing!! This year the project from Carol Doak is a mystery pattern.  Carol is known for her paper piecing techniques.  She has a Yahoo group that you can join to get in on the fun of these free monthly pattern releases.
On her website she has some helpful hints on paper piecing--also, there are other free patterns you can download for your PP adventure!  First, you print off the number of copies you need to make the block--in my case, I letter each section with the color that is needed--this is to keep track and not lose focus.

You set your stitch to the smallest length--makes it easy to tear off the paper after finishing.  There are special papers you can use, but I just use plain printer paper.  This pattern went together nicely!

Now, this one!  It was a really challenge!  Why?  Because I didn't notice the color placement too well--just was humming along with the original lettering on the back--and then it hit me!  darn it!  it's wrong in one section!!  I ripped out that one section so many times, I had to reprint as the paper was loose and no lines were there to follow.  Finally, it came together-- after waiting for the next day and a good night's sleep just to make sure it was going to go right.  It's a neat star for sure after all that fuss!
This one was easy-peasy to PP.  These  quilt blocks will go in the guest room of our summer home--this is a year long project--keeping my head in the game of PP will be the real challenge!! 

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