Saturday, September 29, 2012


Where does your inspiration come from? Magazines? Internet? Spontaneous brain waves? My inspiration comes from all of these; but one of the most important areas of inspiration is people! Recently, my Colorado knitter friend Judy introduced me to her quilter friend.  You never know where these introductions are going to lead.  I fortunately had two quilt tops that needed to be quilted, so Judy and I met Alycia of Quiltygirl to hand over our tops for her magic touch.
Then came the email--"your quilts are finished"!  Hurrah!  Another chance to spend time with Judy and meet Alycia again to see our tops in their finished state.  Here is Judy's black, gray and white quilt.  Alycia said she wanted to keep this one and I totally agree!

This is the back--really like the way Judy fragmented the back and pulled some of the front to the back.

This is the front of the top before it was quilted.  Judy was given this -panel- (yes, it's a panel!) and she made it work with her piano border.  Alycia and I both thought it was pieced!

Close-up of Judy's monkey quilt back

And the front--a simple block that is great fun!

This is Judy's charm pack quilt--super idea!  love the positive and negative features in the blocks.
And the back--very 'girly'
Close-up of block and feather work of Alycia's hands
And if that isn't enough inspiration on how to use charm packs, jelly rolls and layer cakes, then here is another inspiration for you--Alycia had these quilts tucked into the back of her SUV--Quilts of Valor made by local volunteers.  Alycia is the coordinator for this active organization and she is a huge inspiration in my book! 
As she pulled these quilts out for us to see, she told us stories of the recipients and their stories they have to give us for more inspiration!

Check out her website--she has some free patterns to download that will inspire you to create for our military.

I had seen quilts of valor at International Quilt Festival, but they can become a blur when you are viewing so many other quilts in one venue.  This really brought it home to me!

But, seeing these up close and hearing first hand from Alycia the words from soldiers of how these quilts affect their life--I'm in! 

Volunteers work tirelessly to bring some comfort to those who have served our country so well.  Some have sacrificed so much and this is the least we can do to repay them for their dedication.  Thank you Judy for introducing me to another great inspiration!

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