Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chickens! Angels!

Fatcat Patterns has done it again! Sindy just keeps rolling out those cute patterns. And we keep right on working them up!
Here is the latest batch of chickens--love this one with her nose in the air!  She must be the 'top' hen in the house!

These chickens have been so much fun putting together, just looking though the stash for these colorful fabrics has been half the joy.

Just another chicken in the henhouse!

What got into my mind that I need to make these angels?!!  Don't have a clue, except they are so cute and easy to assemble.

I'll only be making six of these angels as only have enough background fabric for that and replacement fabric is nowhere to be found--so I'm thinking these will make a little girl's Binky quilt.

Hard to pick a favorite--have two more to complete and then we'll chose--all these blocks will need to be buttonhole stitched when we return to our winter home--join in the fun at Sindy's website--she has alot to offer! 

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