Sunday, September 9, 2012

Instant Color?

Have you ever wanted a certain color for your stitching work and you can't find it? Well, here is a quick way to put some color into your embroidery floss.
With a 50% coupon from Michael's, this is a good purchase!  Tumble dry or heat set color.  These are basic colors but mix well to achieve a good range of color.

Take white or beige floss skeins.

You can use a plastic coated clothes hanger to wrap the floss around.  Find a container to use as a catch basin for your dyes.  Spray away!  The floss was wetted first, but you can just spray on dry floss for a different look.
These skeins were dyed without wrapping around hanger--heat set with an iron after dry.

Add as much or as little color you want.

Now,  here is the embroidery work that used one of the dyed floss.

This is January angel and the one skein was used throughout the whole piece

Don't you just love this curly hair?

Here is February angel completed.

Close-up of February Angel
And March angel of pinwheels--these pinwheels were fun to stitch as I wove the section!

April's angel of Texas bluebonnets!

Here are the pattern selections--these were found in a storage bin--who knows why they were bought but.................

1997?!  well, we can say these are well aged! and stitching up nicely with the special dyed floss


  1. These are fabulous. What a neat idea to have custom thread. I am inspired to get out my 12 blocks of stitched sheep. The angels are adorable.

    1. Thanks Judy! So much fun to make your own floss colors.

  2. Wow....thanks for the info and I love your angels!