Sunday, September 23, 2012


Do you like swap meets? How about fabric swaps? Or block swaps? Some of the many quilts that have been made to this date have been from block swaps. It's a good way to get interesting fabrics and unique blocks. It works like this--you make so many blocks, send to a central person, who swaps them around and you are returned the same amount of blocks you sent--only different ones. Some swaps will let you make all the same color of blocks; that way, you get back different colors. And swaps are great even if you don't have a local guild membership to swap with, through the use of the Internet! I have done dye sample swaps, folk art block swaps through Internet friends. Okay, here are a couple of swaps that are going on right now through the Internet.
This is the current one sponsored by Sindy at Fatcat Patterns.  It is through the Scratching Post and requires that you join a yahoo group.  It is called "Laundry Swap".  Sindy has designed a great pattern for these shorts and shirts to be hung on a line.  The deadline to get your swaps in is into November 3rd--so plenty of time to join the group, get the pattern and join in on the fun.  I'm thinking of making this hanging for--what else--but the laundry room!

Sorry, but this swap has been completed.  It was also through 'The Scratching Post' on Sindy's website--it was jars!  These jars are exchange swaps.  Anything that could be contained in a jar was fair game!
Since I've received food as well as bugs, I'm thinking there will be two wall hangings from this exchange.

This is the one that got away!  It is being sponsored by Just Quilting with Denise Russart.  It was such a cool pattern--Batik Lifesavers!  I printed off a copy of the pattern and went to join in the swap and would you believe it was closed--had plenty of swappers!  I was left out of the swap, but I can still make the block for my own personal use.  I think I'll keep a closer eye on the deadline next time there is a swap.
For proper etiquette on swaps, check out this info: 
Quilt Pox

Some other swaps going on the Internet:
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