Sunday, September 16, 2012

Messy! But Worth It!

When packing to head north (in May), I found two quilt patterns that I wanted to accomplish over the summer. Both of these patterns were designed by Paula Stoddard of Pacific Patchwork.  So into the packing box they went.  Well, it took awhile to get around to working on those patterns.  Every time I pulled it out and looked at it--there were all those HST (half square triangles) to make and I would put it back into the box--thinking another day!
Another day was fast approaching! as well as the end of summer and I had to set my mind to making those HSTs!  Finding these papers online was a bonus--Quilting and Whatnot.  Of course, I've used pre-printed papers before--have a whole stack of them in Texas location but not at summer homestead.  Printing off the right size and off we go..............

Setting the stitch length to shortest possible and stitching is easy.  Then comes the tearing off all the papers and you have a massive amount of HSTs.

Press and you have the correct size--no need to measure or trim--except for all those little 'dog ears'.

Here are the completed blocks--neat and tidy!  And we are glad we tackled those HSTs!

And the finished project!

The other pattern from Paula was this 'bunny' one and it used HSTs also, but I found a quick way to make those pinwheels--Quick Easy Pinwheels and it's on Youtube too! The only problem is all the bias edges, but that is taken care of when the blocks are sewn together.  So much fun to put this one together.  Thanks Paula for some really cute patterns!  Now, to tackle the other letters of the alphabet in my stash!  You see, Paula has patterns from A-Z...........................

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