Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Blues--Not Here!

Look at "Sock It To Me" Sock Monkey being the king of his domain! He just perched himself upon the arm of the rod iron frame. From there, in the warmth of woven scarves and colorful backgrounds, he can see the whole area of the weaving room.
And what does he see? Most often a messy weaving room--but there is some activity happening on occasion. We are back in the hat mode!! Oh, how we love that simple pattern shared by Colorado knitter friend Judy! It's great road trip knitting.
Green head is resting so the banister post was used as the model head.

All made from leftover bits of sock yarn--just might need to knit more socks in order to have more leftovers! This hat was made from handspun wool found in the aging bin. Worked nicely for a hat. Two other hats are on the needles--one is called Warm Ears Taos Hat--can be found here Straw into Gold and the other is another pattern from Knitter Judy and Black Water Abbey Yarns

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  1. the monkey looks right at home with all that fiber! Love all your hats. I have plenty of sock yarn if you run out!