Friday, February 19, 2010

Where It Is or Where Is It?

Yes, they are finished! The FLG are complete! Finished them up while watching "Taking of Pelham 123"--and that is where it is! There is still some of that handspun wool leftover so will have to think hard on how to use the rest--whatever will need to be small item.
And Where is it for this stack of flannel--a recent sale at Jo=Ann's Fabric store yielded a long wait in line for fabric cutting but it was well worth it--$2.49 yd for prints and $2 yd for solids + 10% off complete order. All washed and ready to go. These will make lovely blankets.
And another mystery to complete from Kris Knits (along the side panel). Life happen for her this month and she wasn't able to get the pattern out early. She will post several rows at a time and if you keep up by time's end, you'll have a wonderful cloth.
Where it is--a finished January cloth.


  1. Too cute! Love the snowman on the cloth! And I really like the cuff at the wrist of the FLG. Fancy!

  2. What great fingerless gloves! Was this a mystery pattern? Or is the pattern available somewhere?

  3. FLG pattern was Feb mystery but you should be able to find it in Ravelry under that group. It was given in parts; by now, all are present.