Thursday, February 4, 2010

More January Spin-in Treats!

Here are a few more of the January spin-in special treats that were shared by participants.
Ron brings his sock knitting machine to work on premie caps that he donates to the local hospital Lovely shawl that was knitted by Tom of Illinois. He learned to spin and knit during those long winter days.
A basket full of wonderul yarns from Gale's Arts.
One of the traveling scarf exchange groups.
One of the vendors says "To Baa or not to Baa". Yes, Baa it is!
A definite sock lady!
Bottom of sock bag--cut up old socks!
Melody with her sock bag!
We were invaded by a group of hippies from the 60's--flower children. There was even a sit-in protest. Here Nancy shows off her first lace project.
Mermaid doll with art yarn hair.

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