Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No More Mystery

Well, it started out as another one of those wonderful mysteries that this soul loves but...........time got away and one thing added up to another thing. This was where it all began:
She-Knits instructions, Brooks Farm lovely mohair fiber, #6 beads--especially since it was going to be a short mystery--three parts, "easy peasy" this person said to herself as she downloaded step #one . Take up needles, cast on and complete step one. Wow! That was fun and yes, easy! Well, it's not easy if you don't work on the project. So, here it sits...........
in its nice little baggie, along with ALL of the instructions. Definitely, not a mystery anymore and Yes, there was some peeking involved on the ravelry group at the progress of others who have finished. Guess that's okay, but that peeking took the thunder out of the surprise--shame on you for looking!! Now, there is another She-Knits mystery lace project beginning soon--and yes, once again, my name is on the list. Can the first one be completed before the other one comes online? We can only hope!
Then, there is another project that is just one step away from being completed--another mystery that could be solved quickly, if only-- Fingerless gloves made from leftover handspun wool that has already created pair of socks. Just this one step to completion. Goal must be set and met; then, move onto She-Knits mystery already solved but waiting.

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