Friday, February 26, 2010

Small Projects--little bit at a time!

It's easy to bite off a small portion of something and work it through. When there is a pattern that looks difficult or time consuming, a piece at a time will work just fine. So, there are a couple of year long projects that are resting on the project table and by biting off a small piece each week, eventually, the project will be completed. This project is from Debbie Mumm Block of the Month. At first glance, the recipe looks complicated, but look, it breaks down easily into small bits. Block One and Block Two. This is a color study. If you use the fabrics suggested in the instructions, you'll definitely see how color affects the pattern distribution. In order to bust my stash, the fabrics will be from the stockpile of leftovers.
Then there is the other challenge taking place in the studio-- Pinwheel Sampler QAL . This quilt along has been easy peasy--only because it was started early and hopefully, over the period of time this QAL last, it will still be easy to keep up.

Two blocks down and only 14 more to go!! Now, Friday Block Party is another story. In this challenge, how behind can one get? Say a year! but, so much fun to collect the patterns.

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  1. I agree, some projects don't seem as overwhelming if you break them down to a block a week or month.