Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spindle Play

Take a box of spindles--each used for spinning silk. Every spindle is unique with different weights for spinning ability. These are all under 1 ounce.
Once your spindle is full, wind the silk off into small balls and store. All fiber, whether spun or unspun, needs to age properly before usage! For me, these little balls of silk are so finely spun (machine thread fine) that it takes at least 4 ply to make a yarn that is knitable.
Ply together--doesn't matter what the colors are--it blends. Below is the result of knitting small squares and large squares.
Here the squares are laid out on the carpet to block and below are squares joined together. If you want the complete pattern, check out Spring 2008 issue of Interweave Knits page 102 Chameleon Scarf by Lorilee Beltman or purchase from Ravelry as Holey Scarf.
And here is the finished scarf.


  1. Love all the spindles. The scarf turned out beautifully. Glad I got to see it "in person".

  2. I so admire spinners who use spindeles! I am so used to my wheel now that it is hard to imagine spindle spinning. I will have to practice! And the scarf is terrific; I hope I have that issue of Interweave Knits!

  3. P.S. Sorry about the spelling error for spindles!

  4. I also sell the pattern on as Holey Squares scarf. I would be pleased to not see the pattern numbers revealed here as a courtesy to me and to respect the copyright.
    -Lorilee Beltman, designer