Monday, February 22, 2010

Always Learning

The saying is that you learn something new each day--some days yes, but some days, you think not. And if you are a member of Ravelry , there is no excuse not to learn something new every day. And if not a member of this networking community, then you should join--it's free and simple and oh, the rewards for fiber addicts is outstanding!! There are new groups popping up often and when this lace sampler group came along, it was absolutely necessary to join. Never one to knit lace, this sounded perfect. The group would suggest themes for the month and the moderator or 'powers that be' of that group would give us a lace pattern for the month--what fun this has been and definitely a learning opportunity. Here is the pattern for February--an easy recipe to knit lace. Of course, attention must be paid to the right line of the pattern to knit and counting stitches is a must--not one of my strong suits. Below is January pattern, which was winter wonderland.
This lace yarn has been "stashed" for quite some time, so it is properly aged that's for sure!! And the fact is, this lace knitting is great fun--in small doses!
Having finished this wall hanging before Valentine's Day, it will linger in the pile of things to be quilted--maybe, it will be finished by Valentine's Day 2011. The tutorial for this hanging was found on Piece n Quilt website. She offers many tutorials. Also a new QAL (quilt along) has been placed along the side panel--join in on the fun of this pinwheel adventure. It sounds feasible--in small doses.


  1. See, I told you that you finish a lot of things.

  2. Ooo....I hope the Valentine hanging is for me! I have space on my wall.