Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is a Quilt?

Recently, on a visit to a quilt exhibit, there were several interesting quilts on display. One of the reasons to look at quilts 'up close and personal' is to see 1) the pattern 2)quilting design 3)setting of blocks and borders 4)different layouts of blocks. Here are some quilts of interest
But, there were about three or four 'quilts' that were exhibited that had us questioning, what is a quilt? This is called 'Swedish needle weaving' or huckery or Swedish Huck weaving or Huck toweling. In my younger days, my hands 'wove' a many of these towels; not on a loom but with needle and thread! But, here were 'Huck toweling pieces' displayed as quilts--no two layers or three layers sandwiched together, just one single layer of toweling--of course, it was on the scale of bed size and there was an impressive amount of work, but to call it a quilt? Interesting in fact! Each exhibit has it's own guidelines and obviously, these fit into their 'quilt' category


  1. I thought a quilt had to be more than one layer of material that was "quilted" together. This Huck toweling sounds more like embroidery, especially if it's solely needlework. Did anyone defend it as a quilt? I'd like to hear the argument in favor of calling it such.