Friday, September 4, 2009

Walk Down Main Street

Are you of the age to remember those days of Main Street? The time when you could walk from one store to the next without crossing the street? And these weren't'chain' stores either but Mom & Pop stores that sold everything from china to undies. Those days have come and gone. Today's stores mostly represent the big box stores or chain type shopping experience. We have grown into this society but part of the Main Street is coming back--the open air 'malls' instead of enclosed. We take our morning walk along our Main Street at Town Center--isn't there one popping up in your neighborhood? It's a pleasant walk and since we go early there is no traffic or shoppers to worry with. There is the Main Street Plaza where fountains shoot into the air encouraging young folks, on warm days, to frolic. On chosen evenings there are sponsored band concerts where families gather to enjoy the music and companionship of neighbors. And on certain days of the week an organized farmers' market will have booths around the outside. The streets are lined with overflowing flower baskets
Other water structures and bronze statues dot the main street as well.
We walk, talk, window shop to see the latest fashions, enjoy the piped in music that floats from the outdoor speakers--all this and not one cent is spent. No, it's not the Main Street I remember from my childhood but it is accepted as the Main Street of Now.

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