Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mid America!

There is nothing like driving across mid America--We took off east on Hwy. 36 out of Colorado to head across Kansas. Little aside here--do NOT drink two large cups of coffee before heading down the road--there are few towns across that part of Colorado and when you do find a town, there is nothing open at the time of day that you are driving (we were early morning). There are no gas stations, no cafes, no nothin' to stop at. Then we come upon a small park in the middle of nowhere--thank goodness! There sits an out building that looks like a rest room--zoom--of course, we went past it! "Stop! That was a rest room back there". Around we go to the park and it was a small rest stop--pit toilets, but we cares.
And on the back of the door is this sign: Relief!
We crossed over into
where you can find interesting historical events that happen in mid America.

Can't read the sign? It's about Bloody Benders and along the way we spotted several signs for Prairie Spirit Trail and then you know you're in Kansas when you see this advertisement.
We were entertained along Hwy 36 all across Kansas as it was the weekend for US Highway 36 Treasure Hunt We have never seen so many 'treasures' in our entire life! Anywhere there was a town people had put out their 'treasures' for the seekers. Too bad we were on a time schedule and couldn't stop to seek our special treasure. You've gotta love mid America!

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  1. Very interesting! But what IS a Bloody Bender?