Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mystery Socks?

"What's the mystery? You know they are going to be socks!" The brown haired kid replied when she heard that 'mystery socks' were the task for the month of September.
Yes, the finished product will be socks indeed, but the mystery is what will each week bring in the way of design. This 'mystery sock' pattern is being brought to us by sock knitters anonymous group on Ravelry . Every other month there is a 'mystery sock' pattern presented each week so by the end of the month, if you have kept up, you'll have a completed pair of socks (that is, if you do two at a time or a fast knitter to do one at a time). September mystery pattern is written by Nancy Bush, well known knitter. What a treat to participate in this free (yes, free) venture. So, here we go--sock yarn on hand, knitting needles poised at the ready and we are working on clue 3 (which is the heel section) this week. Here is what has been knitted so far: front, lacy and back straight forward.


  1. Is that actually handspun? If so you are going to force me to get busy.

  2. Holy cow! They're going to be SOCKS! Who'd have guessed?