Wednesday, September 2, 2009

THE Bag!

BAGS! and More bags are very popular this season so why not make one or two or three. The perfect fabric was found at the Quilt fair for brown haired kid who wanted a new school bag. She had an old one that had outlived its usefulness. The fabric in the old bag was great fabric too--just right for a school teacher to carry her supplies to and from. The 'new' fabric is bright and displays school related objects just like the old one. Getting down to making the bag--that was the major problem; just seemed too many other things got in the way or maybe it was just the thought of replacing the old bag. That old bag was SO perfect! But, a new bag was needed. The pattern was supplied by friend Judy. She had made several bags from this pattern and it was quite straight forward--easy peazy. What is the sewers saying "measure twice, cut once"? There was plenty of fabric to accomplish this pattern, cut front & back, some pockets as well. Then the wrong interfacing was used on the pockets--bummer--need to cut more fabric. Oh, look, there is that nice piece just lying around! Sew up another couple of pockets using that 'spare' piece of fabric. When the lining was finished and it was time to sandwich with the front--where is that front piece any way? Drats! I cut it for the spare pockets!!! How stupid!! Where was my brain? Put the bag aside, hang one's head in shame, kick myself a thousand times and put off the completion for another day. Later in the week there were errands to run and a stop in the quilt shop was on the agenda--needed to replace that front for the bag--only, this shop didn't have anything remotely like the original--think fast--what to do? The quilt shop gal offered her opinion, "why not stripe it with a compliment fabric?" Good suggestion, but there wasn't enough of the front fabric left to make the complete bag so a substitute fabric was found that would work--not quite what was thought of first but it would work. Here is the striped front side. and the other side with the pencil 'perfect' fabric! and the inside with the 'perfect twice made' pockets!
Now, I'm on the outlook for another piece of 'perfect' fabric to try my hand at another bag for brown haired kid and this time I'll make sure to have my brain fully engaged!!!

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  1. The brown-haired kid loves it, too! It's perfect and funky and interesting and full of personality. I'm proud to carry it.