Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Start Anew?

Is it time to begin another UFO? I have finished 12, count them, 12 wall hangings that will attach to the wall piece. Twelve hangings that will mark each month of the year--feeling good to have that project off the table. So, since this one is out of the way, is it time to begin another project? One that will take some time or one that will be a quickie? At the present time, the majority vote of one is quick and easy! But, just waiting in the wings are a couple of long term projects that are carry along--you know, those that you pick up when you have to dash out the door and wait....One of the favorite ones to take along is the silk spinning bag. This small tote was a gift; perfect to hold two drop spindles and hand dyed silk roving.
And the other project has to be knitting. Here is the latest to be carried along--a charity hat (using stash yarns no less) for Knits for Needs The pattern is from the collection of Woolly Worm Head Don't you just love that name?!! She has some wonderful hat patterns. Another one of hers is featured in Knit on the Net latest issue. It is called 'Molly'. Are you a member of Ravelry ? Then join Wooly Worm Head group. Each month a different and unique hat is featured. You can also join the Knits for Needs group on Ravelry.

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