Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Accomplished--according to the thesaurus this word relates to 'skilled, proficient, able, gifted, talented, finished' Yes, finished fits here! But, just because these two items and projects are 'accomplished' doesn't mean they or myself are skilled, proficient, able, gifted or just means two UFO's are off the list and now tucked into the appropriate storage unit and hopefully, they will appear in the near future to be clad upon one's body.
Here are the mystery socks (and yes, they are indeed socks!) and looking lovely lying on the sofa.
This was the Nancy Bush 'mystery' pattern and quite fast to knit. And the other 'accomplished' project are the wrist warmers, using the handspun yarn from a summer art roving from "Orchids" painting. Instead of one large project, this yarn was used on smaller projects. Earlier blog showed the headband "Quant" Interesting that the latest issue of Interweave Press "Handspun" magazine featured several of these headbands with the use of handspun. modeled by granddaughter's lovely hands.
Yes, Finished is a good feeling. Now, to tackle the pile of other UFO's waiting in the wings.

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