Sunday, January 29, 2017

Saying Good-Bye!

It's always tough saying good-bye to our spinning friends--yet, another year of January spin-in has come and gone.  Everyone is packing up their prize purchases, along with their wheels and sundry equipment.  The dates have been set for 2018--January 24-27--we are always the last full weekend in January, beginning on Wednesday before (did that make any sense?)  Skits are being schemed and hatched.
My partner in crime dressed in her green theme outfit

My hat sits comfortably on the beads we'll use
for 2018 theme--"Baubles, Bangles, beads!"

In her free time, partner in crime spent playing with her
new wheel--A little Gypsy spinner.

I think she should have gotten a commission from the maker--
because everyone loved it and wanted one!

So, I'm using this lovely spinning wheel towel as my crying towel!
We are over for another year--Go Green in 17 has come to an end.

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