Friday, January 27, 2017

Day Four--We're Still Going Strong.......

One of favorite parts of the day is show and tell.
it is a chance for anyone to flaunt their talents.

Since the theme was "Go Green in 17", we had several
who took advantage of the color to give us a true showing.
Here we see a handspun vest and hat 

How about a project that took a couple of years?
Hurray!  All done and lovely to look at and wear

How about this handspun natural colored fleece--
oh, WOW!

Rosemary is always energetic and shows off her finished
handspun shawl 

This is not handspun, but one of her favorite patterns to knit

Leslie model her wonderful soft handspun wool 

afghan!  Can you believe?  Ready to wear over body or
around body

Ruth loves to do colorwork--she knit the sweater she was wearing
plus the two hats that are really warm

Kim is very knowledgeable about antique spinning distaffs.
She has made her distaffs from 3D printer--definitely true to
ancient designs.  Kim is known around the world for her
distaffs--she recently was asked to give lecture at Italian conference.

Here is the shawl she knit from her handspun alpaca/silk fiber
that was spun from her distaff

Here we have her first handspun silk, which
she wove into this beaded bag

Handspun wool woven on her loom gave her
this wonderful shawl

Sparkly scarf!  Oh, yeah!  This is so wonderful
up close and personal.

Now, let's shop!  The fiber that abounds
among all the vendors.



lovely spindles

Fun fibers to spiin

Colorful plied rovings

Even eco dyed wearables

we can see all the fruits of the fibers that
are created by participants

Natural colors are your favor--there are plenty

Of course, green green!

Here is the back of Ruth's colorwork

Woodworker has given us wonderful natural wood

Who wouldn't want to spin with these hand carved spindles?

Oh, my--how can one choose?

Here is one booth that features patterns to use for your handspun

natural wools = lovely knitted scarves

Estonian shawls from handspun--
What a Day!  And we have just begun!

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