Monday, January 2, 2017

New UFO's?

It's the new year--a time to begin those new UFOs!  Yes, I know, when I begin a project, I'm just sure that it will not end up in my UFO pile for another year.  This Year it will be different--I say to myself!

I resolve---oh, I hate that word!  But, I PLAN to take at least one UFO out of the box to finish--yes, I said FINISH! before I begin another UFO!  It's a definite challenge to just reach in the box and pull out an unfinished object--don't look!  Just reach in and do it!  Okay, so it's not one you REALLY want to do now--but, it needs to be finished sometime!.

I know there is a 'game' you can play with yourself, especially on knitting UFO's--place the project with needed yarns in a plain paper bag; staple it shut!  and pile into a box!  Gee whiz--so many--but, the next time you want something to knit--reach into the box and pull out one of these bags!  You can't look in the bag--it's stapled, right??

It's not so easy with quilting UFOs--okay, here we go--first up--to finish one of those Christmas hangings I didn't do before Christmas 2016--so close to being finished, of course.
This is one of those Christmas panels that has been 'aging' forever!  Luckily, I did copy off some instructions--thank goodness! 

Okay, it will be ready for Christmas 2017!  
Finished!! just need to cut the binding and select a backing and off to the
quilter it will go.
Now, doesn't that feel good!?
on to the next UFO to finish...........

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