Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Can I Share?

I LOVE my group meetings--whether it is a weavers' or quilters
gathering, I'm always in awe of the hands that make beautiful things.
At our January weavers meeting, we didn't have much show and tell
but what a delight it was to praise those who did accomplish
a goal--like Karen, a new weaver several years ago--and all she
wanted to learn to do was weave a baby blanket!
Okay, Karen, show it off!
Her first baby blanket!!

She was worried about this small mark of "creativity"--what was the cause?
Most likely, she skipped a few warp threads when she passed her
weft shuttle through--we call it a 'design element' and
she'll pay more attention the next time she throws the shuttle.
and the 'tracking' in this is absolutely bonus!
Tracking comes in plain weave with the twist and ply of the yarn--
washing brings out that element.  Who worries about pattern
weave when you can get such lovely tracking?

Lisa is learning to use her ridged heddle loom for braids or bands--
she wants to use this length for strap for her yoga mat--fabulous!

and then there are the quilters!  This lovely batik pineapple pattern was
on Judy's machine--she was quilting this for her church's raffle--

The applique was added as an after thought--
doesn't matter in my book, I'm there for those raffle tickets
when they're available.

Karen is planning her baby quilt for new addition.
Here are her fabrics

and this will be the pattern--from Elanor Burns book--Trip Around The World.
It will certainly be a lovely quilt for the new baby.
This video gives you an insight as to the process, using strips.

Annette was doing her hand stitching with her English Paper technique--
she is working on her flower garden quilt.
This is an easy take along project

Camilla brought along her finished Texas quilt--we exchanged the
5" squares of Texas theme fabric in the fall--(have to say, mine
are still in a bag--who knows where!)

Great quilting theme with Texas stars!  Okay, we are off to a good
start for 2017!  

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