Monday, January 23, 2017

Bet This Doesn't Happen To You!

I hate this!  I'm knitting along--and there it goes--the yarn gets all tangled
and in one big mess of knots!

I can almost understand the reason behind this--as this yarn has been
used more times than one can count--I begin a project, and then
just don't like how it is looking, so I unknit and ball the
yarn (this yarn!) up for another day!
I think the yarn has a mind of its own--
and taking revenge!

I love this yarn--and I want just the right project and I think, NO,
know, this is the perfect hat to wear this handspun silk/wool yarn.
To untangle, it takes some time away from knitting this yummy yarn into
this super duper hat.

The Gilmore Girls Hat!  Studio Knits figured out the pattern--and I want that
furry thing on top too--just right for this yarn!  Oh, yeah!

Well, look at this--Finished!
and I love the little furry ball as a topknot!
Finally! found something that looks great in this yarn!

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