Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weavers' March

It was another great Weavers' meeting--a perfect way to begin our March.
When it's time for show & tell--we are all ears and eyes
on the presentations.
I think this is the best way to learn from each other.

Rosemary had been absent for awhile, but when she returns
she has the most interesting things to show off
Here is her summer challenge for state project.
Spun corn silk!  Yes, the silks that wrap corn on the cob!

She had a gourd that she lined with fiber pieces and crouched with
pine needles

Rustic--she polished with brown shoe polish

We have seen this in progress--eco dyed wool squares

but she has assembled them into a wonderful cloth

And an interesting way to dye--turkey cloth!
oh yes, Rosemary comes up with clever ways to challenge our
imagination--this was the cloth draped over the Thanksgiving turkey
as she basted the turkey throughout the day--
who would have thought you could get this!

Susan had finished knitting this soft and lovely shawl for a friend;
before she sent it off, we were able to see and handle
pattern is Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander

This is a free pattern on Ravelry.

Marion had woven shawl to present--some design elements--she asked how to
use these 'mistakes' to her benefit--we had many suggestions for her.
I actually liked the 'design element' left as is.

Scharine had an exciting show & tell.
She has just returned from Jordan and
she had many weavings from her trip to
tell us about

This was a lease stick made for her while there.
She doesn't know much about the holes or notches due
to communication problem

Very interesting indeed

Her purchased rug--is not woven but twined!  Oh joy!
Twining!  She tried this technique and said it wasn't for her--
or me!

We've had some discussion about tea towels since our February meeting
when we had so many wonderful towels to investigate from Charlene's 
(check out February post)
Connie decided to weave the structure with the draft she had from
Small Webs Book--out of print.

Okay, Charlene--you have us excited about our weaving once again!
Here was Connie's draft--

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