Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Today we are visiting my mother in her assisted living facility.  I have brought along some recipes and photos to jog her memory.  She has dementia but overall she does pretty good for a 95 year old gal--she can dress herself, feed herself and of course, give you her opinion on everything you say and do!
I found the handwritten recipes from my Granny and wanted mother to see them
and make comments, if she remembers any of these recipes.  I remember one she always made at 
holiday time--
"candy date roll"--I hated this candy!  And now to find the recipes and see my Granny's notes
certainly brings back memories--She notes that this recipe came from Iona Scott (35 years ago)
and Granny wrote it out October, 1974--I must ask mother who Iona Scott was--a friend, a relative? 
and then there is the recipe for
Green Tomato Pie from Chloe Egger (note says--mom's sister)
I really need to pull out my ancestry log and look at it again

I'm glad we reproduced these recipes and others in a family booklet that was a gift to all members.
we did this for both sides of the family
Have you done this for your family?  A collection of old favorites is the way to go--
and each member loves to tell you what they liked best in their cookbook.

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