Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cyber Fiber '97

Many moons ago, as social networks were just heating up the internet, I joined an internet group of fiber artists that discussed everything from dyeing to weaving, etc. 
We were an eclectic group.............
and a fun time for us as we ventured through the wide world web learning the 
ins and outs of fiber art.
Then, there was the chance to do an art apron challenge
The other day while cleaning out my fiber closet,
I found my apron! 

There was an catalogue with all the aprons, photos, reviews from the
judges and artist statements for each apron.

Here is my artist statement--I know--it's hard to read, but now if you have a 
smart phone or reading from an Ipad, you can enlarge--
we had no such thing in 1997.

My apron was titled--"Mother--still attached"
Our aprons were displayed at International Quilt Festival, Fall, 1997 and
the collection went on tour in various states.
My apron was selected as one of the ones that
was presented in lectures----aren't we all still attached to our
mothers--even though we try to cut those apron strings time and time again.
There is always a way we are mending those ties......
Still Attached to Mother!

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