Friday, March 25, 2016

Amy Is Turning 60--

Amy is turning 60 this year and she is doing something very special to celebrate and we are invited to come along on this adventure.  Amy is knitting socks, creating a series of socks using each of the divisors of 60. 
This is February Sock.  Amy is using this set of rules:
All of these socks will be knitted from cuff to toe.

I plan to knit most, but not all, on double pointed needles, my choice will depend on the stitch pattern I choose.

The main part of leg and foot of sock must be 60 stitches around.

There will be no shaping of leg, so the leg on all of these socks won’t be terribly long, likely all under 7 inches from cuff to beginning of heel.

The main part of leg must contain a stitch pattern using the chosen divisor; the foot must contain part or all of the same stitch pattern.

The cuff, heel, and toe can stray from the divisor rule.

I must use a yarn that is already in my stash; it does not need to be “sock yarn”.

Here is March's pattern--join in this year long celebration of turning 60, even if you aren't 60!

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