Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's About Time

Yes, it's about time I picked up some knitting needles and began work on the 2016 Lace Shawl designed by Elizabeth Ravenwood (found on Ravelry).  This will be the third shawl I've knit with her directions and patterns.  Of course, I was little behind--well, three months behind isn't too bad.
I rather enjoy knitting along on this type of thing--only small portion of the pattern is revealed each month and by year's end (if you keep up!) you will have a completed shawl to wear to that end of year party.
This year, I needed to spin my yarn so that took some time--wasn't too sure which fiber I wanted to use--finally decided on this wool/silk blend

This month's pattern is called Tides of March or Water on the Moon

Easy knitting, even adding beads along the way.
Let's hope I can continue to keep up--now, that my fiber has all been spun.

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