Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Yellow isn't really my color!  If I looked into my stash closet, how many yellows do you think you'll find? 

I do have some yellow headed straight pins--which I don't use often.  They seem too thick to me.
I fancy thin pins for sewing!

Well, here is one bin of fabric that contains at least two yellow fabrics, along with browns and my favorite--Orange!

Lookee here, there are two more fabrics with yellow hints of color

And in the yarn stash, we have two--count them--only two!  and of course, they are sitting next to my orange colors--
Yellow roses!  ah perfection of color for a rose.  Every time I see yellow roses, my mind immediately sings "yellow rose of Texas"!

Blooming yellows on the walking path and I love Spring when the first sight is
The blooming of daffodils!

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