Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Learning a New Technique

Even though I've been knitting for several years now, there are so many techniques I do not use or even try to learn.  But, when it came time to work on our Springtime in Paris pattern, the first cast on line was "With MC, using a Provisional Cast On, cast on 196 sts"!  Say What?!!  I haven't the foggiest idea how to do this.  As all good instructors do, they include a YouTube video that is very helpful.

and now, I can do a provisional cast on over another needle!  Hurrah for me!

A cast on designed to create live stitches on both sides of the cast on. There are several options for working it but my preference is the circular cable needle style.
At first, it was very awkward--two needles side by side--cast on over one stationery needle--okay--did it--not once but twice!  Practice makes perfect, right?! 

And I'm diggin' this pattern--lots to keep one's interest as we knit.

Oh, we're adding beads too.  I'm behind with the clues, of course.  Almost finished with clue 2 as clue 3 comes out.

At first, I used a needle that didn't have the thingie attached at the ends--big mistake!  So, I got up from my chair and marched upstairs to find the stoppers--am glad I did--no more stitches falling off! 
And we are knitting....................................

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