Saturday, April 25, 2015

Linen Warp, Silk Weft

It is my good intention to finish this warp before the end of April--we have 6 days and counting.

What we have here is linen warp, set at 30 epi (ends per inch).  I used some handspun 2 ply brown cotton to space the warp after tying onto the beam.

Of course, there is Always a threading error when I weave--can you see it?  I use a straight pin to attach it back into the warp and anchor

we are weaving with handspun single silk--and there is another error--in fact, two errors to deal with.

Cut that off and begin again.  The trouble with this warp is that I used two different weights of linen, which means when in the dent the smaller warp doesn't fill in the space as well as the larger warp--make sense?

Here you can see the trouble--I also did a free form twill reverse threading and without thinking got the heddles to close--e.g.. 1-2-3-4-3-4-3-4--
Not going to take it out now--tomorrow I'll cut this off and begin again--sett at 24 epi
maybe, that will work better.
Wish me luck!

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