Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy! Happy! Happy!

I Love Cookbooks! The more colorful the better!  This one makes me very happy when I browse through the pages.

The photos make the foods look so tasty and the stories along with recipes make the food come off the pages.  Do I cook these recipes?  Not hardly!

I enjoy the staging of the foods, the decorations highlighting each recipe--and looking for weaving designs--like this one with blue and white stripes.  It looks so refreshing and you just want to head to your loom and begin warping! 
Here's another featured recipe placed on different striping sequence

How about these red and white plaids?  Adds some cheery notes to the dish.

and another blue and white cloth, using the blue stripes as edging!
Okay, I'm getting hungry looking at all these recipes.
hope you'll join me and look through your cookbooks--not only for  the recipe
but how the dish is staged.


  1. Yummy! Looks like a great cookbook.

    1. Yes--a super cookbook! With delicious photos and foods--and the recipes aren't bad either!