Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weavers' EYE CANDY..............................................

The First of the Month is a brimming with weavers gatherings and along with those meetings come much delicious hand wovens with rich bright colors!
Connie is another weaver that was fortunate to travel with five other weavers to Sweden for a super duper trip  and what do weavers do but find textiles--all sorts of wonderful textiles!  Here are two of the pieces that Connie purchased--don't you love the rich reds and greens?!

Here is a towel--

and this is their washcloth--linen! 

and sponges!!  how great is this!

more linen towels--Connie purchased unhemmed so she can add her personal touch

M's & O's pattern on this linen towel--the beige on the left is one of Connie's hand-woven towels so we could compare the handle of before and after washing

a feast for the eyes

Connie is also a spinner so she inquired about flax and here is what she bought--nice long staple and ready to spin.

Each Jacquard woven towel has the designers name on the info card along with other pertinent information

Such a lively woven towel

Not only do we show off our wovens, we have knits to drape around our shoulders.  This is Susan's latest scarf from cotton yarn

Susan is mastering cables and did nicely with this soft scarf for her granddaughter

Pat said she was swearing off weaving--NOT!  She is back at the loom with this delightful draw string bag.

Don't you think this one yarn is brown in color?  No, says Pat--but purple.  Amazing how colors change with other colors in the warp

our creative Dotty had this needle punched pouch to show off--

We'd love to have one of these in our stash!

Penny, co-owner of Skyloom Weavers, presented her towels for touching and admiring!
In this warp she used a space dyed linen as weft

Same warp, different wefts

What a bargain for these towels! 

Penny will have these in our guild sale mid November

Penny's handspun wool is shown off in this dramatic moss stitch scarf!  WOW!  Soft and drapey! 
What a super morning spent with weavers--now, to get to my loom and weave!!  I'm inspired!!

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