Thursday, October 16, 2014


I called this post "Renewal" because that is exactly what I was doing with my expatchers friends--renewing our friendship after several months of being apart.  We each go our different ways so much of the summer--especially me!  But, other group members have been traveling as well.  And this day was a chance to 'renew' what has old news, while still current in our minds.
Of course, it is also a time to see what the gals have been creating.  This lovely is a T-shirt quilt!!  Absolutely smashing, Judy M!  She did a super job taking those shirts and making a great remembrance for Chris.

There were even some hearts to be used for the label on the backing.

Nice job with the quilting!

Julie, one of our long distance expatchers, sent these lovely lap blankets for Judy M to quilt.

These will be gifts for wheel chair bound folks.  What a cheerful sight for them to enjoy!

All quilted and bound.

OMG!  This was an absolutely huge quilt created by Debby W and quilted by Sandy W--the pattern is "Labyrinth"   WOW!  Sandy did a fabulous job quilting.

We all liked the design work she did

118"x118" of pure joy for someone in Debby's family

Annette was working with four patches, some equal squares with diagonal corners

Putting them all together, Annette is renewing her love for her mother as she works on these blocks.  She was working on this when her mother passed away.  I know the memories flood back to her as her fingers are busy and her heart is full. 

This is such a simple block to build but has the look of something more complicated when sewn together.

Linda was working on a very contemporary quilt for one of her daughters.

I'm loving this and renewing my to=do list to include a contemporary quilt.

Construction continues on one block

I always enjoy seeing what's on Judy's long arm--this is such a lively, colorful quilt top.

What motion with the pinwheels!

Judy M is much like myself--we love fall and the colors of fall.  Here is her latest creation from Primitive Quilts and Projects--  what a super duper magazine!

Just seeing this makes one ready for those cool temperatures and falling leaves--bring on the orange!

Sandy is working on this batik rail fence quilt for one of her granddaughters.

She uses her I- pad to give us a look as to the finished top. 
What a fun day renewing thoughts and ideas with friends! 

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