Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Spinners Gather!

Even though it was a spinners gathering, we don't always talk strictly about spinning!  Of course, not!  When you get a bunch of fiber oriented people in one room, the discussion is wide and varied and since we haven't been together for several weeks, there was much to talk about.
Rosemary just returned from her summer Michigan home.  She found this delight at a sale and just had to rescue it.  It's in poor shape but there is still a story there to be told about the weaver.

It is cotton warp with indigo dyed wool weft in this overshot coverlet.  In the above photo you can tell some of the threads had been dyed with cochineal or madder but now, the color has faded; although, a small amount of pink remains to give us that hint

It is a darling of a hand woven, even with it's worn away threads

Connie had a basket of her handspun cotton yarns--gee whiz!  these are plied too!  All spun on her charka wheel.  These fabulous fibers will be woven into gifts to be presented at our local Menil Museum for a Gandhi exhibit.  She will be demoing on a large charka wheel that her husband has built for her November 1 and December 1

Such fine threads!  Love the deep natural brown (red) cotton!

Carolyn was pleased to show off her second knitted scarf from her own alpaca fleeces!  Perfect handle with a blend of 20% bamboo from The Fiber Lady.  The pattern is Knit Along (KAL) on Ravelry group "Simply Notable"

Dottie, our hostess, always has something for show and tell.  These wonderful placemats were woven by children during her church's summer programs.

Oh My!  Marian outdid us all!  She had purchased these colorful shoes from SAS but the shoe strings didn't suit her so what did she do?    Weave her own laces!!  Inkle loom woven so perfect!

And her earrings were a treat to see! 

I always enjoy visiting Dottie's house--so many treats for the eyes.  She is so talented and her house showcases these little ditties everywhere.  These are Rosepath pattern--sachets

and the colorful play on the warp is evident with these

Dottie does everything well!  The eggs to the left and the wool hooked sheep are just two of her talents

Needle punched reindeer!

and such tiny pumpkins she will use with her hand woven witches!

Just a little mat, but such lively fun!! 

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