Friday, May 3, 2013

And Many More!!

We continue with our tour through West Houston Quilt Guild April Show. Everyone of the quilts hanging were winners in my book!
I've always been fascinated by house quilts.  This one was made and quilted by Dianne Kuper

"Friendship Houses" 

As I was viewing this quilt, two other quilters came up and explained this quilt, which was an exchange among the bee members.  It is always interesting to hear first hand from the ones involved in making such a grand display.

"A Quilter's Dream" by Maureen McPherson

"Seasons" by Cynthia Regone, quilted by Cynthia and Jane Pisga

Embroidery pattern by Kathy Schmitz

"Tuesday Morning Friends Quilt of Valor"

Made by Gale Davis and quilted by Barb Knoblock

"Kansas Stars" by Nancy Gomer, quilted by Valerie DeRuiter

Gypsy Moth Rose workshop by Cynthia Regone was the inspiration for this quilt

"Check out at Noon" by Naomi Harrington, quilted by Sue Corbett

This quilt was made for her guest room--nice warm inviting quilt!

"Stars at Night" by Lynn Ellis, quilted by Quilt 'n Sew

Lynn likes bright colors on black backgroun so she participated in Quilt 'n Sew's 2012 Saturday Sensation days.

"Tropical Flora" created by Sallye Hodge, who also did the quilting

Pattern is from "Quilts of Paradise" by Cynthia Tomaszewski

"Rainbow Stars" made and quilted by Valerie De Ruiter

This was from quiltfest class taught by Debbie Caffrey from her book "Another Can of Worms"

Submitted by Kathy Johnson and quilted by Kathy is "Itty Bitty Blooming 9 Patch"

Pattern by Blanche Young

"Christmas Diamonds" by Elaine Mason

Adapted pattern by Kim Templin to learn the use of the Double Diamond ruler

"430 Duncans" by Gale Davis, tribute to Duncan Yo-yos

Pattern by Terri Atkinson of Atkinson Designs.  Gale enjoyed using a yo-yo maker

I'm sorry to say, I've lost the names of the next few photos.  These quilts took my fancy while I was walking through the gallery--so, just take a walk with me and admire the handiwork of these quilters

There were so many delightful quilts this year at the show.  It certainly would benefit the group if they documented each and every show. 

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