Monday, May 6, 2013

Guild House, Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Home

A good day! A day spent with fellow fiberists! Our monthly spinning group usually meets in private homes but this day we met at the Guild House, Contemporary Handweavers of Houston space for learning and sharing. As usual we had much to share.

Rosemary brought along her handspun yarn that she purchased from Stringtopia

70% Tussah Silk, 20% fine wool, 10% cashmere.  She plied the singles with a fine thread (white you see)

Rosemary also had this birthday batt

"Mary Queen of Scots"  95% merino, 3% tussah silk, 1% anglina, 1% sari silk

We all doodled over this lovely yellow silk/merino blend that Connie was spinning

It brought the sunshine into the room

Her prize winning skein 

Practice skeins--boucle'


The Guild House also hosts weavers with warped looms--great place to sit and weave up your pattern.

Anita was weaving towels for her hall bath.  Last month she brought in a photo that she wanted to pick up colors from; warped the loom and now is weaving in plain weave two towels to accent her bath.

Sharla, a fairly new weaver, was warping this loom to make a shawl

Other looms warped in the studio was this one set up for towels

This will be a scarf

Hanging the draft within eye sight is a good idea

Color Gamps recently completed and waiting for some handwork

A walk around the other looms to view their progress

Weave drafts handy

And after a morning of work, it is time to share some lunch as we chat.  The Guild House is a great space.  Check it out sometime.

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