Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm so in love! Yes! in love with this website:

This website allows me to see, hear and experience many of my favorite designers in the fiber industry. I'm able to take them with me everywhere I go................and learn from each one on my own time schedule--whether it's 3 AM or 8 AM or 10 PM. My classes are always within reach--through the internet! And if you need to rewind--the button is right there!!

At the present time, I'm learning about double knitting--one technique I thought I would never use, but then when these names popped up with classes, I was IN!

Alasdair Post-Quinn, Cambridge, MA learned double-knitting, a technique which can be used to make knitted fabric with no wrong side. He has written a book entitled "Extreme Double-Knitting" which was published in October of 2011 on Cooperative Press.

Lucy Neatby is leading a class in Adventures in Double Knitting. Lucy with her quirky hair color and lovely accent keeps your attention on the screen. Lucy is a technical knitter, who loves to find out why things work. Her approach to design is heavily influenced by whatever technique is currently absorbing her. She has a different way of describing how knitting works.

So, needless to say, I'm so IN on this technique.

Don't think there isn't anything but knitting at is sewing, cake decorating, quilting, spinning, dyeing, home decor, cheese making--oh, my gosh! so many wonderful things to learn! Check them out! Each week there is a sale on some classes--and who doesn't like a sale?!
Now, back to my double knitting class.................................

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