Monday, May 13, 2013

Hooked on Lace

Hooked on Lace?! Guess there could be a worse thing to be hooked on, but I'm definitely hooked on knitting lace.   I'm finding there is alot to like about lace.  First--not all yarns make good lace knitting
Mini Mochi yarn from Crystal Palace Yarns is a single yarn and since it was in my 'stash' and we are trying to use up our stashes--right?- I thought I would use it for this latest pattern from Rachel Henry, a mystery KAL==Capriole.  You can find it at Ravelry

It was a fun knit and I didn't want the pattern to end!  I was ready to knit and knit more, but then the mystery was solved and knitting ceased.

Laid out on the carpet to block--it is a lovely pattern, but I would use a lace weight yarn to knit next time.
And then there was this one Misty Meadows Shawl from Cindy Garland

This was another stash yarn==the variegated yarn is two ply handspun wool/silk blend.  It worked nicely on the lace portion.  The other yarn is mohair blend.  It is one of those yarns I have plenty of in my stash.  I bought it when it was on sale and thought at the time " this could be useful in the future".  It is certainly years in the future, a very well aged yarn!

This was the first time I have knit a border--never thought I would like doing this, but it was rather enjoyable.  Really like the way the handspun lined up in stripes on the border.

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