Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cheese Box--but no cheese!

It sounded like fun at the time!  It was summer of 2010 and friend Judy and this soul were on one of our little shop hopping adventures.  Judy came upon this delightful kit in the back room of The Little Wool Shoppe in Windsor, CO.  The price was right--only $60 for everything, including the cheese box.

We even had the right fabric for the inside of the box--just perfect, so bought a kit we did. 

Needless to say, Judy finished her first--she is always an overachiever!

This one just languished around for a summer; then in summer of 2011, we decided it was the perfect time to work on the project.  All the 'guts' were laid out.

Cut a bias strip of wool for the top piece.

Ease to sew on the top two circles.  And then we stopped--okay, there were just too many excuses to continue and there is no reason to list the excuses here either.  Now, we come to spring, 2012--

There it is--all finished--well almost finished!  it still needs to be fitted around the box, which is at the summer location.

Way cool, isn't it?

One of the hold-ups on completion was figuring out how to make the tape measure part of the strip.  Dear friend, Judy, had cut hers from wool, marked all the numbers--oh, way too much work for this soul!  But, guess what, friend Judy found this tape measure tape online and sent me a link--cool!  ordered a yard and now we could finish the outside strip.

The top looks neat--took some liberties on design--after all, it's for my summer cheese box and it can look anyway we choose!  Now, can we call this sufficiently aged or what?  :-0


  1. Oh, wow, the cheese box is at the finish line! It looks great. The tape worked out well. Can't wait for your return to the summer place and more adventures.

    1. Yes, am excited to go on our little shopping journeys too. Will need to get this cover on the box, hopefully that won't take too much effort. Thanks for stopping by.