Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bring Out The Colors!

The end of the year meeting for WOW (Way Out West) Weavers is show and tell for members projects woven throughout the year. During 2011-12, the study was color--no specific color, but color inspiration.
Margery was the first to present her fabulous color project--A Chuppah for her son's summer wedding.  Here she is presenting how she will place the cloth over the traditional poles for the wedding ceremony.

Margery dyed (Sabrcon dyes) all the tencil with colors chosen by her future daughter-in-law.

She took the pattern from Carol Strickler's book "A Weavers Book of 8 Shaft patterns"

These drafts were woven in the book by Betty Burian Kirk .  This length of cloth can be readily used by DIL as table runner or even evening shawl after the wedding.

D'Anne presented a sampler from Ruby Leslie workshop on color.

This 4 shaft huck variation (Lattice Weave) woven on 4 shaft Wolf pup with 8/2 tencel sett @ 16 epi
Linda had her satin weave runner to show--irregular 6 shaft satin, using Lunatic Fringe 10/2 cotton, sett @ 24 epi

This photo was her inspiration for the weaving.

Weft face--The Swedish Way, Volume 1, pg 16

Marian has shown so many lovely color weaving at past meetings but today she pulled out just a sample she is working with--a compound weave structure.

Then we come to Julie--who used snowflakes as her inspiration!  We think she captured the look of snow to give us an icy feel.  The pattern is overshot, Remembrance, sett @ 24 epi.  She used 20/2 bamboo for warp and several skeins of rayon embroidery floss as weft.

Relatively new weaver Lisa was modeling her woven shawl just hot off the loom--we are so proud of Lisa as she has come so far in her learning process.

Up close and personal of Lisa's shawl structure.

Lisa also had this colorful overshot sampler using cotton warp and merino warp.  She took the patterns from Deborah Chandler's "Learning to Weave" book.

Oops, back to overachiever Julie! as she pulled out 10 yds of lace woven ribbon!  Yes, ribbon (40/2 linen warp and sewing thread weft--sett @ 36 epi)  This is the third ribbon yardage Julie has woven to be used in decorative plates--these will be in the fall guild sale!!

Karen I (a fairly new weaver) showed off her huck woven towels and washcloths.  Two of these towels will be baby gifts while another huck lace will be given to her mother so she can do Swedish weaving on the structure--what great gifts. 
Perfect day--super weavings--great learning experience!  Study topic for 2012-13 is still under consideration.

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